Seaworld, Private Collector

Zurich, Switzerland 2018

Private Home (Indoor swimming pool area)

C-Line was invited by a young couple looking to liven up their pool area with

a vibrant “aquarium” scene canvas in C-Line’s unique artistic style.


The couple specifically requested a few sharks to be added to the art piece,

namely a Great White, Hammerhead and a Whale Shark. The artwork was

done in “aqua” colours, with various shades of blue and teal standing out

against the white space and C-Line’s signature thick black lines.

C-Line added some more sea life to the art piece and managed to bring

“sea world” (120x140)to life by adding schools of fish, sea urchins, octopuses

and reef. She finished off the piece in her unique style of adding a futuristic

feel to the overall art piece by adding some of her unique characters and

robotic tech elements.


The overall look draws you in and you can’t help but look for something

different and new every single time you take a look at the art piece. It’s the

perfect element to complete any house and make it feel like a family home.

November 14, 2018