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  • C-LiNe Birds Goldbach Center
    C-LiNe Birds Goldbach Center

    Goldbach Birds If you’ve been following my social media platforms, you’ll know about my recent commission for the Goldbach Center, that I’ve titled ‘Goldbacher Birds’. This has been my largest wall painting so far! This piece was inspired by the iconic building that is placed on.


  • Upcoming Art Shows for September 2019

    See my latest work at these art galleries this month!
    Upcoming Art Shows for September 2019

    I’m pleased to announce that I’ll be exhibiting some of my new artwork in two exciting art events in the coming month of September! This includes “Connect - Make the Internet Real Exhibition” which is presented by Schaugarage and Dynamo as well as the annual propART this year.



    This what you can expect from these events this month –